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The owners of BTC-E USD, attention! The record is broken. There is minimum commission to cash out BTC-E USD to USD cash

UTBS Company is ready to please their customers with great news. Now to cash out BTC-E USD to USD cash has become even more profitable and affordable. Because the interest rate on this operation in our company is only 1%, which is much lower than in other cryptocurrency services.

Code BTC-E is a financial instrument of BTC-E Exchange, bond in the code terms. The main BTC-E code mission is the transfer of any money between accounts (cryptocurrency as well as Fiat rubles, dollars, etc.) represented on the exchange.

 The main advantage of BTC-e code is a fixed cost. Today BTC-E USD is one of the most popular codes. Accordingly, to cash out BTC-E USD to USD cash is one of the most popular ways for cashing BTC-E codes. Considering the huge demand for this service, UTBS Company met its customers needs, reducing the charges for transactions from 2% to 1%.

For cashing BTC-E USD code you need to fill in a standard application form on our website. UTBS Company guarantees you 100% confidentiality of the transaction and the fastest exchange process.