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Биткоин новости иконка Estonia will be the first large-scale conference from the series "the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference"

Estonia will be the first large-scale conference from the series "the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference"

In the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, in early spring of 2017 there will be the first large-scale FINTECH conference dedicated to cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. The conference, called "the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Tallinn" will be part of the FINTECH events dedicated to the Blockchain, which had previously been implemented in many cities in Eastern Europe.

As stated on the official website of the event, special attention during the "Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Tallinn" will be given to projects aimed at research, development and popularization of technology of the distributed registry and digital currencies, and exchange experiences in the implementation of block chains in public administration, the banking system, trading, media, medicine and other areas. The conference will be hosted by the international company specializing in the organization of various major business events, Smile-Expo.

"The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn" has the aim to gather under the auspices of the progressive FINTECH events talented IT developers, businessmen, investors, manufacturers and many other people interested in the development of Blockchain-industry for a constructive exchange of information, analysis of practical cases and the potential Association of common efforts to implement promising FINTECH ideas.

We note, today Estonia is a very developed IT country. In addition, the development and promotion of Finance, in particular Blockchain technology is supported in this Baltic country at the state level. At the current time in Estonia the implementation of the medical project is gaining momentum,  which essence lies in the translation of all documentation into the technology of distributed registry, which should provide a higher level of protection of customer data and to facilitate administrative access.