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Биткоин новости иконка Julian Assange has confirmed that he is alive using the Bitcoin Blockchain

Julian Assange has confirmed that he is alive using the Bitcoin Blockchain

The founder of the odious international organization WikiLeaks, which is engaged in the processing and releasing classified information on a world scale, Julian Assange told the public that he is alive and well using the Bitcoin Blockchain. During the recent forum "Ask me anything", which is a popular subject of American news website Reddit, Assange appeared in real-time video and voiceв the hash of one of the most fresh, just past mining blocks of Bitcoins.

On the basis of official information available, the founder of WikiLeaks the last few years hiding from U.S. intelligence in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. However, there is another public opinion for this reason. Many active blogers, journalists and ordinary Internet users assume that Assange was dead long ago, and the leadership of WikiLeaks is none other than the American special services.

In this regard, in his new message Assange voiced the idea that in today's technological world, the most effective way to prove one’s existence in real time is the Blockchain technology.

As you know, the most distinctive feature of the technology of the distributed registry is a higher level of safety and the impossibility of adjustment previously made in the network of the Blockchain data. Even the most insignificant information that was in the structure of the Blockchain will remain there forever. Therefore, the choice of the Blockchain as the most reliable technological resource for public identification as for Assange is quite obvious.

We remind, in the fall of 2016, many Reddit users shared their suspicions about the fact that Assange is not the owner of the crypto account, created to raise money to support WikiLeaks in the period of the disappearance of its creator. This social debate has gained serious momentum once the information was made public, about the fact that a Bitcoin wallet of WikiLeaks has about 4 thousand BTC. After that the majority of Reddit users decided not to carry out the Bitcoin cryptocurrency transfers to the account to WikiLeaks until Assange or some of his closest people do not confirm the information that this account really belongs to his organization.