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Hours of service:

24 hours a day / 7 days a week
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Why you should choose us?

During the work the company gained invaluable experience. In addition, we care about each customer. That is why we maintain their confidentiality.

Extensive experience allows us to protect our customers from frauds and scams. If You are using a Bank card, the number remains classified. Thus, You can not be afraid for the safety of your money and your privacy.

What is the minimum term of placement of funds?

The minimum period is 30 days. Later 30 days after depositing You can withdraw funds.

Why is the rate of replenishment and withdrawal via Privat differs by 2%?

This is because the job Privat, upon crediting of Your funds on our account, the Bank charges a Commission of 2% that we earn so hard.

Don't want to pay (to lose) 2%, what to do?

We advise you to withdraw funds via Bitcoin, Yandex.Money or cash.

What happens with the money, why such a profitableness?

The Finance involved in the operating activities of our company. In connection with the geography work in different countries, we need more money in circulation. Information about how many deposits in the system is public. She reflected on the main page in real time. You can make sure, if you make some action from your investment account.

In what cities are can to  fund / withdraw $?

At this point it is possible in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa, Moscow, new York, Miami, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin. In other cities are on request. 

How much funds are You planning to attract?

At the moment our business max Planck - 200000$ and probably we will close this functionality when this level is reached.

Whether to change the level of profitability over time?

Over time, we expect a decrease in investment rates.