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A convenient service for quick financial decisions

UTBS is a financial service company that provides services in the Bitcoin, Yandex.Money and other payment systems. Having worked in the financial market on the Internet since 2002, we have gained enough experience to offer high level service to our clients.

The purpose of our company

To simplify operations with money that are made more and more complicated by the banks day by day.

Those who often have to deal with banking services on transfer / receipt of funds, are aware of the requests for information about the money’s origin and about the taxes imposed on it, and also of the high commissions for the procedure. We are offering the convenient Bitcoin payment system , which emerged in the world market in 2009 and it is gaining popularity today.

Our features

UTBS is an international company with Ukrainian roots. We have representative offices in cities of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Spain, Kazakhstan, Scotland, Germany, France and the United States, and are planning to enter the markets of Mexico and China (Hong Kong).

We cooperate with such reputable digital money exchange platforms as BTC-E, BTCChina, Bitstamp, and others. Thanks to our partners you can buy bitcoins at the best rate, the current information on which can be seen on our website.

The company’s service is structured in such a way that every user gets the result:

  •      Faster: our system is automated, and performs transfers instantly in 24/7 mode (in case of large sums, it can take up to 1 hour). So the speed depends chiefly on the specifics of operation of the service that was used for the money transfer: Privat24, WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay, and others. We also perform receiving / sending of WireTransfer (SWIFT) international payments.

  •     Cheaper: the commission for the services starts from 1.5%, which is lower than at other money exchange services, and also at banks.

  •     Safer: the money is transferred anonymously, and the transaction itself is carried out on the Internet using protected keys. In addition, this payment system can service large amounts, such as 100,000 US Dollars (USD). No information about the origin of the money and about the imposed taxes is required.

The UTBS Service not only allows for money transferring, receiving and cash-out, but also for deposits at 0.9% / month in bitcoins and 1.06% / month in dollars. Since the service is stable and promising, we are planning to reduce the interest rate gradually.

We are an open service, and Bitcoin is a financially transparent system. All the necessary information can be found on our site. You can have a look at the available reserves of our service, at the bitcoins exchange rules, and also, if desired, view the code of the performed transaction.

Who we work for

UTBS is a reliable assistant for everyone who needs to perform financial transactions quickly, anonymously, and cheaper than with other companies. The main thing is to understand how the system works. The user buys bitcoins and transfers them to the addressee who then exchanges the cryptocurrency into money and cashes it out in a way that is convenient for his country.

 The opportunities

Some European and American financial experts predict active development of the Bitcoin payment system in the entire world, and a great success for it by 2020-2025. UTBS is geared to the trends in the digital money sphere, and plans to develop further by improving the service for the users.

In addition to the geographical advancement, we are planning to expand the list of payment systems you can use to transfer money into your Bitcoin wallet.

     What you can do with us already today:

  • Make money transfers to any of the partner countries;

  • Perform payments starting with 5,000 US Dollars;

  • Remain anonymous;

  • Buy bitcoins at the best rate;

  • Get protection against fraud;

  • Be aware of the trends in the world market.

Forget about the difficulties of transferring mone! With the UTBS company, your financial possibilities get expanded!