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Exchange Privat24 UAH for Sberbank RUB at the best rate

581500.76 RUB

1 RUB = 0.4548 UAH

1 UAH = 2.198769 RUB


Currency Reserve
Bitcoin 83.39 BTC
Bitcoin (automatic) 23.40 BTC
Litecoin 339.89 LTC
Yandex.Money RUB 24069.99 RUB
Another banks Russia RUB 582303.72 RUB
Currency Reserve
Privat24 UAH 344491.00 UAH
Privat24 UAH (automatic) 30474.00 UAH
Sberbank RUB 581500.76 RUB
US Banks cash deposit 7845.73 USD

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Выгодные курсы обмена Высокая скорость обменных операций 100% безопасность
100% анонимность Индивидуальные решения Работаем 24/7 в 5 странах мира
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The news of the cryptocurrency


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Our mission

Making financial decisions quickly and efficiently

UTBS is a large financial company that deals with the development of electronic business. The company had started its operations in 2002, and has managed to obtain a lot of experience since then. Due to this, we can offer the highest quality services to our customers.

Our company’s objectives          

These are, first of all, solving of financial tasks, such as transfer or receipt of funds. In addition, it is crucial for e-business to have trust relations with all its participants. This contributes to high-quality and productive work. Another objective of the company is development of Internet projects, and also helping new employees. The importance of forming a quality business community on the web should not be underestimated either.

The company’s features

Even though the company has been operating for only a short period of time, it has already earned respect, learned all the nuances and pitfalls of financial matters, and, of course, got a lot of experience. Today the company is cooperating with a large number of business partners from various countries: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, the USA, Canada, Spain, and Belarus. The number of companions will only increase with every year. UTBS works with different areas of focus in e-commerce.

As we improve and increase the range of our services constantly, the customers will be able to carry out all kinds of financial solutions with full confidence in the positive result

Bitcoin is an innovative payment system and also a new type of money. This system allows for carrying out financial transactions without involvement of banks and of the central management authority.

Using Bitcoin, you will get:

  • Instantaneous transactions.
  • International payments.
  • Zero or low commissions.

Bitcoin has unique abilities, which any other payment system cannot boast. Everyone who wishes to do so, can become a member of this system. The main thing is to understand how it functions. All the information is presented on the site. So, to look into the matter you only have to read about the peculiarities of its work. If you have any questions, there are phone numbers for client support on the web site. Call us, write in the chat room on our web site and ask all your questions. Everyone of our clients will obtain the fullest information.

UTBS is a prompt solution for any financial issues on the Internet. You don’t have to visit banks any more. We guarantee complete security and anonymity for our customers, which is an important advantage when making financial transactions.


A lot of global companies cooperate with us with an invariably positive result. Everyone knows that trust is a recipe for success in whatsoever activity.

Years of experience

During the period of its operation the company has been able to gain invaluable experience that helps it to render quality services to its customers. Every day, month and year only helps to enhance the knowledge and increase the professionalism


Quick conduct of operations is very important. Our system is automated, and performs transfers of funds instantly. If the amount of money is large, the operation will take about an hour. Of course promptness depends on the distinctive features of the service, through which the money transfer is performed.

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Affiliate program

We have an affiliate program. Serve a request to participate in the affiliate program and make profit with us.Up to 20% of the revenue of the project.